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Choosing a good installation company can mean the difference between a smooth trouble free installation and years of headaches and unanswered phone calls. Don’t just look for the cheapest quote, also look for the qualities of a good reputable business.

Ask questions and check reviews online to see what other peoples’ experiences have been.

Service Hunter works with the best air conditioning companies in Australia. We ensure they have years of industry knowledge and experience to deal with all types of installations.

Cost effective? Whole home Cooling? Healthy Cooling?

You can achieve all of these when installing an evaporative cooling system. Evaporative cooling works by taking the hot air from outside and passing it through moistened pads, which then delivers cool air to your entire home quietly and effectively.

Whether it’s a split, ducted, evaporative, reverse cycle, central or refrigerated system you’re looking to install, we’ll help make it easy to get the best local air conditioner installer to give you a quote.

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