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Decking and fencing options

Few building materials offer the same visual appeal and service life as red cedar. Learn more about this smart decorating investment with the following summary of the benefits of cedar surfaces:

  • Long-Wearing Decks: The undeniable luster of cedar in itself makes this wood a perfect choice for a new home deck. Furthermore, a variety of hardy properties make cedar a great choice for outdoor application. Natural resistance to both UV light and moisture help cedar resist long-term fading. This durability allows decks to retain their full beauty long after installation. Additionally, cedar’s unique visual patterns add a characteristic visual appeal to decks that can’t be imitated by other decking materials.
  • Sturdy Furniture: Versatile cedar provides an equally beneficial set of qualities when it comes to furniture. The most notable of these features is its natural insulating properties: Cedar wood holds small pockets of air that disperse heat so it can maintain a comfortable temperature during even the hottest summer days. Furniture made from cedar also boasts insect, bacteria, and erosion resistance, due to the natural oils contained within the wood. These qualities are matched with a robust sturdiness that’s perfect for outdoor furniture.
  • Beautiful Fences: Homeowners who install cedar fencing enjoy its minimal maintenance needs and reliable damage resistance. Just as it does in furniture, the presence of cedar’s oils serve as a natural deterrent against insects and rot. Cedar fences also resist warping and cracking over time. Each of these qualities provides cedar fencing with a wide advantage over rival softwoods like pine and spruce.Composite decking by Trex offers a revolutionary new take on traditional deck materials and installation. Trex decking uses a blend of recycled fibers to form composite decks that are long-lasting and look great. This great decking option can be made in a wide variety of styles to suit any deck layout. Bob Jaacks Rustic Wood Fencing & Decks now also offers Trex Transcend decks for an even greater degree of durability, beauty, and excellence.

    Trex composite decking is a triumph of reuse and reinvention. Trex decking weaves together material from reclaimed wood sources like saw dust and discarded pallets, as well as plastic from recycled plastic bags. When mixed together, the plastic and wood particles actually serve to protect each other, the plastic helping with rot resistance, and the wood helping block UV rays. The end result is a beautiful and very durable composite blend that saves thousands of tons of waste every year.

    • What Designs are Available?

    Trex composite decking can be applied to any deck design, whether it’s modest and simple, or a large construction with steps and multiple levels. There are a wide range of color choices available, from rich natural wood hues, to neutral grays, and a variety of earth tones. Trex Transcend offers some of the most popular and aesthetically striking color choices.

    • How Much Maintenance is Involved?

    Trex composite decks offer an eco-friendly alternative that is beautiful and long-lasting, with the added benefit of requiring very little maintenance. Unlike wood decks, Trex decks are resistant to insects, moisture and sunlight, and they won’t warp during harsh Arlington Heights winters. Trex decking never needs to be repainted, and only needs the occasional cleaning.

    If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of putting up a fence on or around your property. While wood fences are the classic fence option, they require a lot of maintenance; and although chain link fences are durable, they don’t look very good. If you’re looking for an excellent fence option, you’ll have a hard time doing better than aluminum or ornamental steel. Here’s a brief overview of both fencing types so you can determine which one may be best for you:

    Since aluminum is a lighter metal, it is generally less expensive and easier to work with. As such, it’s usually a great option if you’re looking to fence off a large section of property. If you choose to have your aluminum fence installed by Bob Jaacks Rustic Wood Fencing & Decks, you’ll have the option of black, bronze, or white. You’ll also have your choice of ball caps and finials to give your fence a more customized feel. Whichever style you choose, your aluminum fence will beautify your yard for years to come.

    Made of more substantial metal, ornamental steel is more expensive and therefore better for smaller areas. Steel from Bob Jaacks Rustic Wood Fencing & Decks comes exclusively from domestic sources, and is 95% recycled—proof of Bob Jaacks’ dedication to the environment. Bob Jaacks steel comes in black and bronze, and is given a special “E-coat” that protects it from whatever nature may bring. With a 20-year warranty, our steel is guaranteed to add beauty and security to your home for a very long time.

    Although cedar and composite decking both have their own unique features and benefits, for many homeowners, a composite deck may make a lot more sense. When choosing a decking material, it’s important to understand the innate benefits that composite decking offers and to consider whether those features would make composite a better choice for your home than natural cedar.

    Many people don’t fully realize the differences between composite and cedar decking when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. As a natural, organic material, cedar is susceptible to the elements and will naturally begin to break down over time. To delay the aging process, cedar decks need to be stained or sealed. Composite decks, on the other hand, will never need to be sanded, repainted, stained, or sealed, and are easily cleaned. If the cost and effort of regular maintenance is not feasible, you may prefer composite decking.

    Just as cedar decks are subject to surface degradation from seasonal weather, they can sometimes fall prey to insect damage, structural rotting, and warping. In contrast, composite decking will never warp or crack and will often last several times longer than full wooden decking. Composite decking is also very resistant to moisture and insect damage.

    Composite decking is composed of recycled materials, and its longevity and minimal maintenance requirements help reduce resource consumption and waste. If you are looking for environmental benefits like reducing the amount of lumber harvested for decking, consider composite decking for your outdoor project.

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