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Your new deck is complete, but why does it look empty and unfinished? In order to truly finish your deck, you need to bring in different design elements to personalize the space and make it an extension of your home. In addition to furniture, plants and flowers can have a tremendous effect on the overall look and feel of your new deck. In this video, award-winning designer and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith talks about using blueberries and other potted plants and flowers to create a visually striking deck.

Thanksgiving is over and just about all the leaves have fallen, which means that winter is just around the corner. You probably already have a long list of tasks to complete in order to prepare your home for winter, but don’t forget about your deck. Sleet, snow, and below-freezing temperatures can take their toll on wood, so prepare your deck now to ensure that you can enjoy it when spring rolls around. Here are a few tips for preparing your deck for winter and protecting it through the season.

Clean Your Deck
Before winter officially arrives, clean your deck thoroughly to remove the remnants of summer and get it ready for the freezing temperatures and harsh weather headed our way. When cleaning your deck, use a bleach-free cleaner specifically formulated for wood. If cleaning doesn’t do much to improve the appearance of your deck, consider stripping it and reapplying a water-repellent sealer or stain.

Apply a Protective Finish
To protect your deck against the damaging effects of winter in Chicago, apply a water-repellent finish to your deck after cleaning it. There are plenty of options to choose from, including clear water-repellents that will protect against water damage without changing the color of the wood. Of course, you could always decide to change up the appearance of your deck with a solid or semi-transparent formula.

Sweep off the Snow
Ice, snow, sleet, and rain can penetrate unprotected wood surfaces, and they may even penetrate sealed decks if they collect and pool long enough. To keep your deck in tip-top shape this winter, be sure to sweep off the snow and clear off as much ice as possible to keep your deck dry.

Vinyl fencing has evolved considerably since first hitting the market as a simple polyvinyl chloride product. Where vinyl was once susceptible to fading and breakage, today’s well-made vinyl fence posts are as if not more resilient than any other fencing materials around.

The advances made in vinyl fence manufacturing have done wonders for the physical strength and durability of vinyl fences. Vinyl fencing’s resistance to rot, cracking, and fading makes some manufacturers willing to offer a lifetime warranty on their vinyl fencing products. These advances have also expanded the palette from which consumers can choose, improving vinyl’s aesthetic appeal as a fence material.

Designing a deck gives a homeowner an opportunity to seamlessly connect home and garden. Of course, constructing a deck that serves as a smooth transition between the two and an attractive element of the home in its own right is easier said than done. In order to design a deck that an honest friend would describe to you as graceful, it is important to consider the following factors:

Size and Shape of Yard
No matter the topography and total area of your yard, a graceful deck can be installed on your property. Taking size and shape into account when selecting a design is important because your deck is just one part of your backyard atmosphere, and it is important that blends well with the other parts of the whole.

Intended Plans
What is your primary reason for hiring a fencing contractor to install a deck on your property? Are you hoping to throw more barbecues? Are you looking to build a place where you can kick back with a cold one at the end of a warm day or relax in the hot tub when it’s chilly outside? Answer these questions, and consider your responses when designing your deck. A deck is only truly graceful if it is comfortable as well as attractive.

Existing Landscaping/Geographic Factors
What kind of natural or man-made features are there in your yard? Consider how you can integrate these features into your deck’s design. Examples include building a deck into a rock wall, using the wall as a natural boundary, and building a deck around an existing tree to give your deck shade and character.

A graceful fence should be easy on the eyes. It should also be built with integrity. Cedar wood is probably the most graceful material with which decks are commonly built, but composite decking is a viable alternative.

A deck is a place for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying the great outdoors. It is also a space for creative expression, one which can be decorated as simply or elaborately as its owner desires. To learn the basics of decorating a deck with flowers and plants, check out this brief video clip.

In it, an expert discusses how flowers and potted plants of various colors and sizes can be grouped together on a deck to create a nice focal point. He also discusses the importance of choosing a color scheme that works with your house, patio, and furniture, offering up floral suggestions for cool and warm color schemes alike.

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