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Questions to Ask Your Deck Remodeling Professional

Whether you are hiring a professional for a new fence or a deck remodeling project, it is important to ensure that the contractor in question has the necessary credentials. Choosing the right deck remodeling professional can help ensure a more efficient, durable, and timely job. Here are some questions to ask your deck remodeling professional.

How Long Have You Been In Business?
Longevity is a reliable sign of quality. Generally, remodeling professionals who have been serving their communities for years have proven themselves to be professionals. One the other hand, opting for a new contractor who has not been in business for very long could be a risky decision.

Do You Provide References?
Like any other type of contractor, the quality of a fence or deck professional lies in their results. Before you hire a professional for your deck remodeling project, make sure to ask whether they provide references from previous projects. Talking to a professional’s former clients can give you great insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

Who Are Your Suppliers?
Regardless of how skilled a deck professional might be, a job is only as good as its materials. If a contractor uses high-quality materials and installs them properly, your new deck will last for years to come. Always ask a professional about their suppliers before undertaking a remodeling project.

A cedar fence is a beautiful addition to any home or yard and, overtime, any wood fencing will gain character with age. Every season, your wood fencing will need a little care in order to age with grace and beauty.  Use the following tips to ensure that your wood fence only becomes more beautiful as time moves forward.

  • Cedar is an excellent choice in a wood fence because it is naturally resistant to rot and decay. It is a very beautiful color when left natural and sealed. Cedar is responsive to most stains as well, so you can achieve a unique and rich tone for your own wooden fence.
  • You might notice that the posts in many traditional wood fences aren’t flat on top. Instead, they have small cuts or angles to allow water to run off the top of the post, which prevents water from sinking in and causing wood rot. Choose a fence design that incorporates this element, or find a type of wood fencing that adds decorative elements above the posts, such as a diamond lattice.
  • During the summer, you’ll need to protect your cedar fence from the sun, rain, and your own sprinklers. Don’t let your fence be constantly pelted by your home’s irrigation system—adjust your sprinklers so they don’t directly impact your fence. Clean your fence after a storm and don’t allow any splashed-on dirt or dust to bake on in the sun.
  • When fall arrives, keep leaves and debris away from the bottom of your wood fencing. Piles of decaying organic matter promote the buildup moisture, and the mold and fungus within these piles can quickly divert their attention to your fence.
  • Clean your fence once a year and have it re-stained or sealed with a product that adds UV protection. Some stains even contain mildicides, which increase your wood fencing’s resistance to rot.

Installing a fence can be beneficial for you and your family in a variety of ways. To learn more about how you can benefit from installing a fence on your property, check out the resources below.

  • Check out this slideshow of amazing and unique backyard fences to get inspiration for your backyard sanctuary.
  • Check out this article from the for tips on how to design and install a fence in your yard.
  • If you can’t quite decide whether or not to install a fence on your property, then check out this article for a list of the many benefits to having a fence around your home.
  • Learn about how installing a privacy fence can protect your family members and pets, reduce noise, keep predators out, and more by reading through this article.
  • Once you’ve decided to install a fence on your property, you’ll need to determine the best material for the type of fence you want to build. Check out this article for a look at the pros and cons for each different type of fence material.

When it comes to protecting your home or increasing curb appeal by adding a fence, you have a variety of options. The white picket fence is awfully popular, but there are also a lot of aluminum, cedar, and vinyl fences enhancing yards, too. In this video, you’ll see how certain types of fences are used for specific activities. For example, you’ll see how tall wood fences can be used to add privacy to your home, while an aluminum fence may be all you need to protect the kids from wondering outside of your view.

If you’re looking for some well-deserved peace and quiet, then consider putting up a wood fence and creating a backyard sanctuary. Installing a fence is the best way to increase privacy, create an extension of your homes interior, and escape from the world on your day off from work. If all of these benefits sound appealing to you, then look below for tips on how to turn your backyard into a summer sanctuary.

  • Install an Aluminum Fence

If you enjoy the company of your neighbors, then consider installing an aluminum fence. It will keep unwanted dogs and cats out of your yard, but you’ll still be able to chat with neighbors as they retreat to their own yards for a little rest and relaxation. Plus, you can plant vines that will wrap around your aluminum fence for a tailored garden look.

If a summer barbeque complete with your closest friends and family members sounds like a good time, then consider building a deck in your back yard. A deck will add a customized look to your backyard and create individual spaces that will allow for specific activities. For example, you could better keep the playground and the garden separate from the grill and picnic table.

  • Add a Cedar Fence to Your Yard

If you would like complete privacy from your neighbors, then add a cedar fence to the perimeter of your backyard. These fences stand tall, can be painted in a variety of colors, are the perfect place to hang decorative ornaments, and are durable enough to withstand the rain, sleet, snow, high winds, and other weather conditions.

Whether you live in a sleepy, suburban neighborhood or on a busy city street, a fence can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Fences add safety, privacy, and character to a home. Modern day fences are more durable and aesthetically appealing than those used in previous years, so consider the following benefits of having a fence on your property and start improving your home this weekend!

 1.      Deter Crime

Neighborhood crimes happen all over the country and take place at all times of the day and night. There has even been a surge in daytime neighborhood break-ins and burglaries in the recent years. Fences made of chain links, wood, and aluminum can deter predators from getting onto your property.

 2.      Create Privacy

No matter how big or small your yard, a fence is a great feature that can add a sense of privacy to your home. A fence allows you to feel comfortable basking in the sun on a warm Saturday afternoon or reading in the glow of a sunset. It also permits you to create a small vegetable garden that is safe from rodents and small animals, sip coffee on the patio in your pajamas, and enjoy family dinners in the privacy of your backyard.

 3.      Rein In Your Pets

If the family dog or cat is gaining weight from too much inactivity, then consider building a tall cedar fence around the perimeter of your backyard so that they can play outside safely. You won’t have to worry about them running away and they can finally get some much needed physical activity and mental stimulation.

 4.      Increase Curb Appeal

If you plan on selling your home in the next few years, then you may benefit from installing a fence. A short picket or aluminum fence adds character to your front yard and increases your home’s curb appeal. Furthermore, installing a protective fence may entice a prospective buyer who has children and values security.


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