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Trex fencing options

Composite decking by Trex offers a revolutionary new take on traditional deck materials and installation. Trex decking uses a blend of recycled fibers to form composite decks that are long-lasting and look great. This great decking option can be made in a wide variety of styles to suit any deck layout. Bob Jaacks Rustic Wood Fencing & Decks now also offers Trex Transcend decks for an even greater degree of durability, beauty, and excellence.

Trex composite decking is a triumph of reuse and reinvention. Trex decking weaves together material from reclaimed wood sources like saw dust and discarded pallets, as well as plastic from recycled plastic bags. When mixed together, the plastic and wood particles actually serve to protect each other, the plastic helping with rot resistance, and the wood helping block UV rays. The end result is a beautiful and very durable composite blend that saves thousands of tons of waste every year.

  • What Designs are Available?

Trex composite decking can be applied to any deck design, whether it’s modest and simple, or a large construction with steps and multiple levels. There are a wide range of color choices available, from rich natural wood hues, to neutral grays, and a variety of earth tones. Trex Transcend offers some of the most popular and aesthetically striking color choices.

  • How Much Maintenance is Involved?

Trex composite decks offer an eco-friendly alternative that is beautiful and long-lasting, with the added benefit of requiring very little maintenance. Unlike wood decks, Trex decks are resistant to insects, moisture and sunlight, and they won’t warp during harsh Arlington Heights winters. Trex decking never needs to be repainted, and only needs the occasional cleaning.

Homes in Arlington Heights, Glenview, and the rest of the Chicago area experience major shifts in the weather every year—from heat and humidity in the summer months to heavy snow in the winter. For this reason, many home owners turn to low surfaces like vinyl and composite materials when installing outdoor fences and decking. Traditional materials will gradually break down with exposure to weather, insects, and other factors, but vinyl and composite materials are tremendously tough and require very little upkeep along the way.

One of the great things about the durability of synthetic materials like vinyl is that they always look good. Vinyl fences won’t rust or rot, and the color won’t peel off like paint from wood. Moisture can wreak havoc on many parts of a home, but vinyl fencing isn’t one of them. Your Arlington Heights composite deck can look great for many years into the future, even if you only clean it periodically.

Vinyl fences and composite surfaces are so durable and resistant to the elements because they are made from advanced, high-strength materials. The material used in composite decking is a blend of recycled wood and plastics, which protect against both insect damage and the impact of UV rays. Vinyl fencing is made with PVC, which not only adds strength and stability, but is also resistant to color-fading solar rays.

Part of the thrill of being a homeowner is plotting and completing home improvement projects yourself. However, some projects require expertise and experience that you may not have. For example, there are many ways that a home fencing project can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional to design and install your new fence.

Sensible Design
While planning DIY projects, homeowners often get so carried away with what they can do that they don’t stop to consider what they should do. An experienced fencing professional, on the other hand, will have seamlessly designed and installed thousands of fences, and will know what works and what doesn’t. If you have a professional help you with the design process, you’ll end up with a fence that better suits your property.

Property Aesthetics
A quality fence should enhance a property’s privacy, security, and beauty. Though you may be able to construct a fence that provides privacy or security, constructing a beautiful fence is more of a challenge. A fencing professional can help you choose an elegant fence material and properly install it for you, enhancing your property’s appearance.

Fencing Durability
Proper installation is essential for the wellbeing and longevity of a fence. An improperly installed fence is more prone to rot, cracking, rust, and other forms of damage. When you hire an experienced fencing company, your fence will be installed properly so that it can last for decades.

Injury Prevention
Like most home improvement projects, building a fence comes with some degree of danger. For instance, a large splinter from a wood fence could slice your hand open, or a heavy section of ornamental steel could fall on your foot. If you’d rather not risk injury, call a team of professionals to tackle the job for you.

It seems as if there are always home improvement tasks to complete on the weekends and during the summer months. Before this summer escapes you and your family, consider installing a new fence around the exterior of your home. Your privacy, security, and stylistic needs will dictate the style of fence that’s best for your home.

• Building Materials
As you look at different fence designs and types for your backyard, it’s essential to consider material options. You can find fences made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. Each of these fencing materials offers various benefits that you should consider for the overall style of your backyard. For example, wooden fences typically look more aesthetically pleasing, but they require more maintenance throughout the year. Aluminum and steel fences are very durable, but offer more limited privacy.

• Fence Uses
Before constructing a fence around the perimeter of your home, it’s crucial to consider the purposes you want the fence to serve. Are you looking for a backyard makeover? Do you want more security for your home? The answers to these questions will assist you in choosing a material and style for your new fencing.

• Privacy Needs
One of the most common reasons why homeowners purchase new fencing is for increased privacy. Fences provide a secure border while blocking your yard from the street and your neighbors’ properties. Vinyl and wood fencing both provide durable fencing solutions with full coverage along the perimeter of your home.

• Importance of Appearance
A fence provides many practical benefits, such as security and privacy. However, it also adds a stylistic element to your home. When selecting the materials and patterns for your home’s fencing, consider the overall look of your home. Does the exterior of your home favor a traditional or modern style? Be sure to consider how different materials and styles will look against the backdrop of your home.





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