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Wrought Iron Balusters

The great thing about wrought iron balusters is you don’t have to have a wrought iron railing to use them, many people choose to add wrought iron balusters to wooden railings. There are many different types of wrought iron balusters such as twist, basket,  spoons, knuckles, belly,  and swirls.

 Wrought Iron Twist Balusters

The twist is a very simple design added to balusters and is popular for its simplicity. The twist is often added to other designs before and after a basket, belly or knuckle. There are also balusters that use double twists. The twist weather you use it on its own for a simple baluster or add it to other designs to give it more flair is one of the most common designs.

Twist Baluster

Wrought Iron Basket Balusters

The basket is popular center piece of balusters as it flairs out. The basket comes in many different designs but all are similar in that they look like a basket they are often a weaved pattern but as long as it is bulbous it is considered a basket. You will commonly see a twist preceding a basket and following it. Another popular choice is to have a knuckle before and after the basket and some may still include a twist before and after as well making for a very unique baluster.

Wrought Iron Basket Baluster

Wrought Iron Spoon and Knuckles Balusters

Spoon and Knuckle designs go together with a spoon in between two knuckles. These balusters have two symmetrical knuckles above and below the spoon. The knuckles lead the eye to the center of the baluster where the spoon is placed. The spoon portion of this design can be anything and many people choose to have it custom designed. The twist can also be added to this baluster to make it really stand out with twist, knuckle spoon, knuckle twist you will have an amazing customized railing.

Wrought Iron Baluster with Knuckles and Spoon

Wrought Iron Belly Balusters

The belly baluster is for those who want a curve added to their baluster. The belly baluster works with any of the above designs and if designed well can turn a ordinary railing into an amazing piece of art.

Wrought Iron Belly Baluster

Wrought Iron Baluster Swirl

Exactly how is sounds the swirl can add amazing things to any baluster.  Swirls can be added to a belly banister for bowing out or can be added to a straight banister for swirling adjacent to the railing.

Wrought Iron Baluster Swirl

 Wrought Iron Balusters

Using one or combining multiple baluster types allows you to create magnificent patterns that will impress anyone who lays eyes on them. To finish I will leave you with combinations using the above wrought iron baluster designs:

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